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What is clear about the upcoming production of “String Theory” is that there will be quite a bit of yarn. Participants will use the yarn websites to enhance and define their space at home and will act as a connector among the various Zoom performance venues. “Orange Grove will work with the whole team to bring it to life,” Mezzocchi said. Thanks to a summer filled with Zoom, Mezzocchi and the Orange Grove team were involved with a number of virtual performances and have a good grasp of what it should look like. “It will definitely be a live thing, where the audience is placed in the question,” Mezzocchi said. For those interested, don’t get too caught up in the dance part of Orange Grove. There will be movement involved, but the focus is on the theater aspect. Mezzocchi urges anyone with an inclination to check out the open session. “It’s really just to show up, experience it and if you have a smile on your face at the end, continue with it,” he said.